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The therapy 


In a warm, positive and supportive environment I offer you the time and space to explore your present situation.  Drawing on a range of therapeutic techniques, I work with you to help you gain a better understanding of the difficulties you are facing. Together we can identify alternative ways of coping and dealing with these problems.  Enabling you to make positive changes and live the life you want to.

In both counselling and hypnotherapy you are in control and your safety and best interests are maintained at all times.


In a relaxed, confidential and non-judgemental atmosphere, counselling provides an opportunity for you to talk about your issues, worries or concerns. This enables you to develop an understanding and insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Often simply talking through your difficulties with a counsellor can help to identify ways of coping with these.


The hypnotherapy process enables you to both physically and mentally relax.  When the conscious mind is relaxed the subconscious mind can be directly accessed and by working with your subconscious, old habits and beliefs can be replaced, to promote new ideas and positive changes in your thoughts and behaviours.  At all times you are aware of what is happening and you will not say or do anything that is against your will.

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